Solo Projects:      
1979   All the Mornings Bring Paul McCandless Elektra/Asylum
1981   Navigator Paul McCandless Landslide
1988   Heresay Paul McCandless Windham Hill
1992   Premonition Paul McCandless Windham Hill Jazz
2002   The Hidden Jewel Paul McCandless Mystica
2002   Isole (Islands) Paul McCandless EGEA
2004   Shapeshifter Paul McCandless Synergy Mjusic
With Oregon:      
1970   Our First Record Oregon Vanguard
1972   Music of Another Present Era Oregon Vanguard
1974   Distant Hills Oregon Vanguard
1974   Winter Light Oregon Vanguard
1976   Oregon in Concert Oregon Vanguard
1976   Oregon/Elvin Jones-Together  Oregon Vanguard
1977   Violin Oregon Vanguard
1977   Together Oregon Vanguard
1977   Friends Oregon Vanguard
1978   Oregon Violin w/Zbigniew Seifert  Oregon Vanguard
1978   Out of the Woods Oregon Elektra/Asylum (CD release 1992 – Discovery)
1978   Moon and Mind Oregon Vanguard
1978   Roots in the Sky Oregon Elektra/Asylum (CD release 1992 – Discovery)
1980   Oregon in Performance Oregon Elektra/Asylum
1981   The Essential Oregon  Oregon Vanguard
1983   Oregon Oregon ECM
1984   Crossing Oregon ECM
1987   The Essential Oregon Vanguard
1987   Ecotopia Oregon ECM
1988   45th Parallel Oregon Portrait (CD release 1992 – VeraBra Records)
1992   Live: Concert Oregon Image Entertainment
1992   Always, Never and Forever Oregon Intuition Music & Media
1993   Troika Oregon VeraBra Records
1995   Beyond Words Oregon Chesky Records
1997   Northwest Passage Oregon Intuition Music & Media
1998   Music for A Midsummer Night’s Dream  Oregon Oregon Music
2000   Vanguard Sessions: Best of the Vanguard Years Oregon Vanguard
2000   Oregon in Moscow Oregon Intuition
2002   Live at Yoshi’s Oregon Intuition
2003   Jade Muse: The Best of Oregon  Oregon Universe
2004   Chronicle Box: Winter Light/Friends/Moon and Mind Oregon Akarma
2005   Prime Oregon Sunnyside
2007   Out of the Woods/Roots in the Sky  Oregon Collectors
2007   1000 Kilometers Oregon CAM Jazz
2010   In Stride Oregon CAM Jazz
2012   Family Tree Oregon CAM Jazz
Other Collaborations:      
1981   Gallery Dave Samuels & David Darling  ECM
1981   Skylight Art Lande & Dave Samuels  ECM
1996   Torches on the Lake Spencer Brewer Access Music
2000   Head West Comotion SCI Fidelity
2003   Instrumental Tribute to Frank Sinatra Kostia North Sound
2004   Remember the River Steve Rodby and Fred Simon Naim Audio
With Beck Fleck and the Flecktones:    
1995   Tales from the Acoustic Planet Bela Fleck and the Flecktones Warner Bros.
1995   Live Art Bela Fleck and the Flecktones Warner Bros.
1999   Greatest Hits of the 20th Century Bela Fleck and the Flecktones Warner Bros.
2000   Outbound Bela Fleck and the Flecktones Columbia
2002   Live at the Quick Bela Fleck and the Flecktones Columbia
With Paul Winter/Paul Winter Consort:    
1969   Something in the Wind Paul Winter A&M
1970   Road Paul Winter A&M
1973   Icarus Paul Winter Epic
1977   Common Ground Paul Winter A&M
1985   Canyon Paul Winter Living Music
1986   Living Music Collection ’86 Paul Winter Living Music
1988   Wolf Eyes: A Retrospective Paul Winter American Gramaphone
1990   Road [1990 Reissue] Paul Winter Living Music
1990   Earth: Voices of a Planet Paul Winter Living Music
1993   Spanish Angel (Recorded Live in Spain) Paul Winter Living Music
1998   Greatest Hits Paul Winter Living Music
As a Sideman:      
1971   Cyrus Cyrus Faryar Collector’s Choice Music
1973   Trios/Solos Ralph Towner with Glen Moore  ECM
1976   Star Dance David Friesen Inner City
1977   Spring Flowers Vasant Rai Universe
1978   Waterfall Rainbow David Friesen Inner City
1980   Outside Looking Out Col. Bruce Hampton Terminus Records
1981   Storyteller David Friesen Muse
1982   Later That Evening Eberhard Weber ECM
1982   Twins Live in Japan 1982 Jaco Pastorius  Aurex
1983   Invitation Jaco Pastorius RCA
1983   Tribute to Kurt Weill  Carla Bley  Watt-Works
1984   Hot House Flowers Wynton Marsalis  CBS
1985   Night-Glo Carla Bley Watt-Works
1985   Twice in a Lifetime Theme  Pat Metheny  Bud Yorkin Productions
1985   Lost in the Stars: The Music of Kurt Weill   A&M
1986   Aqua Touch Danny Heines  Silver Wave
1987   One Night in Vienna Schönherz/Scott  Windham Hill
1987   ECM Spectrum, Vol. 1   ECM
1988   Usually Always Fred Simon  Windham Hill
1988   Castalia Marc Isham  Virgin
1988   Every Island Danny Heines  Silver Wave
1989   City of Eyes Ralph Towner  ECM
1989   Toward the Center of the Night Michael Manring  Windham Hill
1989   Pioneers of New Age   Columbia
1989   The Golden Wire Andy Summers  Private Music
1989   The Three Billy Goats Gruff & Three Little Pigs Holly Hunter & Art Lande  Rabbit Ears Productions
1989   Fire in the Lake Kit Walker  Windham Hill
1990   One Heart Wild Danny Heines  Silver Wave
1991   Drastic Measures Michael Manring  Windham Hill
1991   Songs My Children Taught Me Mark Isham  Rabbit Ears Productions
1991   Fish up a Tree Jennifer Robin Denon Records
1991   Christmas Stephanie Mills  MCA
1992   A Different Kind of Blue Max Lasser  AF Records
1992   The Opening of Doors Will Ackerman  Windham Hill
1992   The Best of Silver Wave, Vol. 1: The Sun   Silver Wave
1992   Second Thought Cal Scott Tamarack Records
1992   Rhythms of Life Bruce BecVar Higher Octave
1992   Heaven and Earth Al Jarreau Reprise
1993   A Chance Operation The John Cage Tribute Koch International
1993   Romantic Interludes Spencer Brewer Narada
1993   Wind & Reed Compilation  Narada
1993   The Downward Road The Pursuit of Happiness Mercury
1993   October Child Anne Hills Flying Fish
1993   A Perfect Match Tademitsu Saito Access
1993   12 Original Songs Honoring the Earth Spencer Brewer Narada
1994   Thumbelina Kelly McGillis & Marc Isham  Rabbit Ears Productions
1994   Honorable Sky Peter Kater & Carlos Nakai Silver Wave
1994   Thirty Degrees  Ben Demerath  Cojema
1994   Look Left Allison Brown Vanguard
1994   Travelogue Dan Peer Farenheit
1994   Strange Voices: A History 1977-1987 Col. Bruce Hampton Landslide
1994   Kindness of Strangers Terra Sul MoJazz
1994   It’s About Time Tademitsu Saito Access
1994   Inner Peace Steven Halpern Inner Peace
1995   Terre Xenia Via Veneto Jazz
1995   Timeframe Todd Phillips  Compass Records
1995   The Best of Silver Wave, Vol. 3: The Stars   Silver Wave
1995   Road to Reunion Dennis Schaecher Access
1995   Heart of the World Pamela Polland Ivory Moon
1995   Deep Heart’s Core Kate Price Higher Octave
1995   Chesky Woodwinds Collection   Chesky
1996   Zanzibar Nguyen Le  Musidisc
1996   A Different Mozart Compilation  Imaginary Road
1996   The Painters  Sacbé Polygram
1996   Beyond the Night Sky Alex DeGrassi Tropo Records
1996   The Music of the Great Smoky Mountains Gary Remal Malkin Real Music Records
1996   National Parks Series Box   Real Music Records
1996   Cinema Paradiso: The Classic Film Music of Ennio Morricone Ennio Morricone Silva America
1996   Ancient Voices Dennis Hysom  
1996   Dig Michael Land  Capitol
1997   Vanguard Collector’s Edition North Star Music Vanguard
1997   Range of Motion Joel Harrison Koch International
1997   Native American Currents   Silver Wave
1997   On a Winter’s Night  Compilation  Polygram
1997   Live Suzanne Ciani and the Wave Seventh Wave
1997   What Did He Say? Victor Wooten  Compass
1997   Beyond the Sundial Kevin Kern Real Music Records
1998   Piedmont Avenue John R. Burr  Compass Records
1998   Sound of Wind Driven Rain Will Ackerman  Windham Hill
1998   Songs for Humanity: A Celebration of Ten Years Peter Kater & Carlos Nakai Silver Wave
1998   The Book of Flame Michael Manring Alchemy
1998   Naked Waters Kim Rosen Earth Sea Records
1998   Celtic Harpestry Compilation  Imaginary Road
1998   ‘Round the Wheel String Cheese Incident SCI Fidelity
1998   Monkey Island II  Michael Land LucasArts
1999   Turning Suzanne Ciani  Wave
1999   Soundscape   Delta Distribution
1999   Relaxation and Emotions Silvia Nakkach New Earth Records/Peter Pan
1999   Relaxation Body, Mind & Spirit Silvia Nakkach/Sambodhi Prem/Nik Tyndall Peter Pan
1999   Pagan Saints Flesh and Bone  Earth Sea Records
1999   Middle Earth Ensemble Ainulindale Symphonia/Bluesmiles
1999   Heritage Darol Anger  Six Degrees
1999   Birds of Prey Peter Kater Platinum Entertainment
1999   Freehouse Kit Walker  HUM
1999   Collection  Colin Farish  Stillwater Sound
1999   Mozart for a New Millennium The Keller Konsortium  Platinum Entertainment
2000   Monkey Island IV Michael Land LucasArts
2000   Birds of Prey Peter Kater Intersound
2000   Twins Live in Japan 1982 Jaco Pastorius Warner Bros. WPCR-10609
2000   Tony Furtado Band Tony Furtado Cojema
2000   This Time David Hooper Orchard
2000   The Isle of Dreaming Kate Price OM Town
2000   Sonnet Oberon Koch International
2000   Prayer for Peace    
2000   Outbound Béla Fleck & the Flecktones Sony Music Entertainment
2000   Language Richard Leo Johnson Blue Note
2000   Among Friends Dennis Hysom Inner Peace Music
2001   Wine Country Mike Marshall Sunset Records
2001   Enskyment (poetry of Robinson Jeffers) Colin Farish  Stillwater Sound
2001   Prairie Dennis Hysom North Star Music
2001   Music Meditation: Unwind   The Relaxation Company
2001   Meant to Be Jenna Mammina Mamma Grace
2001   La Ballata Di Domenica Paolino Dalla Porta SplascH Records
2001   Heart’s Desire Peter Kater Source UK
2001   Forgotten Voices  Brian Whisler Eartrek
2001   Endless Days  Eberhard Weber ECM
2001   Bis an alle Sterne Schonherz & Fleer’s Rilke Projekt RCA Victor
2001   BET on Jazz Presents: Jazz Now   NARM Classical And Jazz Committee
2002   Yoga: Energy   BMG Special Products
2002   Telluride Bluegrass Festival: Alive at 25   Planet Bluegrass Records
2002   Sacred Taliesin Orchestra Compendia Music Group
2002   Perfect Alignment Steven Halpern Halpern Sounds
2002   Night Harvest Ian Dogole Global Fusion Records
2002   Meditations for Dreams, Relaxation and Sleep  Suzanne Ciani Seventh Wave
2002   Live at the Quick Béla Fleck & the Flecktones Columbia
2002   Inner Works: Piano & Strings Peter Kater Source UK
2002   In Meinem Wilden Herzen  Schonherz & Fleer’s Rilke Projekt RCA Victor 
2002   Celtic Solstice   Decca
2002   American Gypsy Tony Furtado True North Records
2002   A Peaceful Christmas Time-Life Time
2003   Xmas Ecstacy Peter Kater Silver Wave
2003   Red Moon Peter Kater Silver World
2003   Pure Romance  Suzanne Ciani Seventh Wave
2003   Punk Jazz: The Jaco Pastorius Anthology Jaco Pastorius Rhino
2003   Live Gypsy Tony Furtado Dualtone Music
2003   Labor & Spirits Emory Joseph Capsaicin Records
2003   Invocation Silvia Nakkach The Relaxation Company
2003   Hearts Maye Cavallaro Redhead Records
2004   Überfließende Himme Schonherz & Fleer’s Rilke Projekt BMG
2004   Simple Complex Jon Weber 2nd Century Jazz
2004   Selected Recordings (Rarum XVIII) Eberhard Weber ECM
2004   Os Filhos Do Vento: Children of the Wind Weber Iago Adventure Music
2004   Many Blessings: A Native American Celebration Zweerz N/A
2004   Full Code Nguyên Lê Orchard
2005   Walking on the Tiger’s Tail Nguyên Lê Highnote Records, Inc.
2005   Strings of Gold  Celeste Ray Ensemble/Celeste Ray CATC
2005   Silver Ship  Suzanne Ciani Seventh Wave
2005   Live in Japan  Jaco Pastorius King
2005   Heritage Darol Anger Six Degrees
2005   Essential Winter’s Solstice   Windham Hill Records
2005   Elements Series: Water Peter Kater Real Music Records
2005   Elements Series: Fire Peter Kater Real Music Records
2005   Elements Series: Air Peter Kater Real Music Records
2006   Trinity John Moulder Origin Records
2006   The Ultimate Most Relaxing New Age Music in the Universe Denon
2006   Spin This Karen Blixt Hi-Fli
2006   Rilke Projekt Schonherz & Fleer’s Rilke Projekt Sony Music Entertainment
2006   Pure Mark Isham Mark Isham  
2006   Lake Suite Mark Isham Windham Hill Records
2006   Pure Alex de Grassi Alex de Grassi Windham Hill
2006   Lake Suite Steven Halpern Steven Halpern’s Inner Peace Music
2006   Healing Music Project Collection   Relaxation Music
2007   Ultimate Jaco Pastorius  Jaco Pastorius Mosaic
2007   Todo Sacbe  Sacbe Urtext Digital Classics
2007   The CAM JAZZ Collection: Catalog 2007   Cam Jazz
2007   Music for Lovers, Vol. 2 Steven Halpern Steven Halpern’s Inner Peace Music
2007   Faces of the Sun Peter Kater Silverwave
2007   Essence Marco Pereira Kind Of Blue
2008   Paul James de Benedictis: Quintets Arlekin Moscow String Quartet/Paul James De Benedictis Mnemonic
2008   Wind of the North Sacred Earth Red Feather Music
2008   New 2 the Brain New 2 The Brain Let’s Planet
2008   As You Drift Away: Lullabies on Guitar Alex de Grassi Music for Little People
2008   The Ultimate Most Relaxing New Age Piano In the Universe Savoy
2009   Since Forever  Fred Simon Naim
2009   Sangria  Mariah Parker Ancient-Future.com Records
2009   Rebirth Osunlade Yoruba Recordings
2009   Drive Time Rx Steven Halpern Inner Peace Music
2009   Celebration Earth Dennis Hysom North Star Music
2009   Best of Hearts of Space, No. 3: Innocence   Valley Entertainment
2010   Call of Love Peter Kater Point of Light
2012   Prayer [Valley]   Valley Entertainment
2012   Light Body Peter Kater Mysterium Records
2012   Deep Alpha Steven Halpern Inner Peace Music
2013   Heart of the Universe Peter Kater/Snatam Kaur Spirit Voyage Music
2014   The Meditation Music of Peter Kater Peter Kater Sounds True
2014   Ritual Peter Kater/R. Carlos Nakai Mysterium Records
2015   Hommage to Eberhard Weber Gary Burton/Jan Garbarek/Pat Metheny ECM
2016   Clutter Clearing at the Speed of Sound Steven Halpern Steven Halpern
2016   Arctic Ratatet Ridgeway Records
1973   Trios/Solos Glen Moore/Ralph Towner/Collin Walcott ECM
1981   Skylight Art Lande ECM
1985   Canyon Consort Paul Winter A&M
1987   Lolita Nation Game Theory Enigma Records
1991   Mokave, Vol. 1 Mokave Audioquest Records
1992   Works of Art Mokave Audioquest Records
1992   Essentials [Intuition]   Intuition
1992   Don’t Forget the Way Home Dan Balmer Chase Music Group
1993   A Chance Operation-The John Cage Tribute   Koch International
1996   Torches on the Lake Spencer Brewer Access
1996   Redbook Relaxers: Daybreak   Windham Hill Records
1996   Redbook Relaxation: Tranquility   Windham Hill Records
1996   Ananda Gregory James Rogue
1997   Redbook Relaxers: Between Friends   Windham Hill Records
1997   Eternity, Vol. 2: A Romantic Collection   Real Music Records
1997   Candlelight Moments: Smooth Jazz   BMG
1997   Candlelight Moments: Serene Sounds   BMG
1997   Candlelight Moments: Moonlight Reflections   BMG
1997   A Very Green Christmas   Seventh Wave
1998   Quiet Moods: Romantic Reflections   BMG
1998   Quiet Moods: Meditative Moments   BMG
1998   Best of New Age   Columbia River
1999   Moonlight Moments   Columbia River
2000   Redbook: Tranquility    Direct Source
2000   Redbook: Daybreak   Direct Source
2000   Redbook: Between Friends    Direct Source
2000   In a Jazz Mood    BMG Special Products
2000   Head West Commotion Sci Fidelity Records
2000   Dreamscape   Delta Distribution
2001   Music Meditation Brian Scott Bennett The Relaxation Company
2001   Meditation: Relax Restore and Revive   BMG Special Products
2002   Primal Elegance Bud Tristano New Artists Records
2002   Dirt Road Jim Suhler Topcat Records
2003   Prayer: A Windham Hill Collection   Windham Hill RecordS 
2003   Healing Music Project: Bliss    The Relaxation Company
2003   Girl Like Me  K.J. Denhert Mother Cyclone Records
2004   Tranquility: Music for Yoga and Meditation   Vanguard
2004   Syncopated Energy: Selections From the Synergy Music Catalog N/A
2005   Rose on the Lake   Avant-Acoustic Records
2006   Unwind Silvia Nakkach/Jeffrey D. Thompson The Relaxation Company
2006   Convergence Ian Dogole Jazzheads
2007   Soulful Soak Bath Kit Jeffrey D. Thompson Relaxation Music
2007   Breathe/Unwind Jeffrey D. Thompson Relaxation Music
2008   Under the Tall Trees Imogen Manins ABC Classics
2009   Crossroads Hemispheres Sunnyside
2011   Unraveled Threeds Threeds
2013   Retro Gary Willis  Abstract Logix
Windham Hill Compilations:    
1986   A Winter’s Solstice, Vol. 2   Windham Hill Records
1987   Soul of the Machine   Windham Hill Records
1989    Sampler ’89   Windham Hill Records
1990   A Winter’s Solstice, Vol. 3   Windham Hill Records
1992   Sampler ’92   Windham Hill Records
1992   The Impressionists: A    Windham Hill Records
1993   A Windham Hill Retrospective   Windham Hill Records
1993   A Winter’s Solstice, Vol. 4   Windham Hill Records
1994   Windham Hill: Romantics   Windham Hill Records
1994   Sampler ’94   Windham Hill Records
1994   Bach Variations   Windham Hill Records
1995   Windham Hill: Romantics – Romantic Music of the 19th Century Windham Hill Records
1996   Sanctuary: 20 Years of Windham Hill   Windham Hill Records
1997   Summer Solstice   Windham Hill Records
1997   A Winter’s Solstice, Vol. 6   Windham Hill Records
1998   Thanksgiving   Windham Hill Records
1998   Winter Solstice Reunion   Windham Hill Records
1999   Mozart Variations   Windham Hill Records
1999   Simple Gifts   Windham Hill Records
1999   Sun Dance   Windham Hill Records
2000   Simple Gifts: A Windham Hill Collection   Windham Hill Records
2001   A Winter’s Solstice, Vol. 1   Windham Hill Records
2002   A Windham Hill Christmas   Windham Hill Records
2002   Spirit of Life   Windham Hill Records
2003   Prayer: A Windham Hill Collection   Windham Hill Records
2003   Adagio: A Windham Hill Collection   Windham Hill Records
2003   A Windham Hill Wedding Album   Windham Hill Records
2003   A Windham Hill Christmas, Vol. 2   Windham Hill Records
2004   Windham Hill America   Windham Hill Records
2004   A Windham Hill Christmas: I’ll Be Home for Christmas Windham Hill Records
2005   Cinema: A Windham Hill Collection   Windham Hill Records
2005   A Windham Hill Christmas: The Night Before Christmas Windham Hill Records
2005   A Quiet Revolution: 30 Years of Windham Hill Windham Hill Records
2010   Mozart Variations: A Windham Hill Collection Windham Hill Records
Scores for Film/Theater:      
1982   Visitor Center Films at Denali and Everglades with Oregon The National Parks Service
1987   Big Sur: A Land Apart    Independent production
1990   For Our Children    AT&T in-house production
1993   Squanto and the First Thanksgiving   Rabbit Ears Productions
1998   A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Oregon    Oregon Shakespeare Festival
2001   The Tempest with Ralph Towner    Oregon Shakespeare Festival